Our wish list

Our Wish List for the animals and managing their care

This gives you the opportunity to see where your money is spent immediately or if you have any of these items that you don't need lying at home!

  1. Litter trays 
  2. Buckets & mops
  3. Puppy collars
  4. Bedding/blankets
  5. Animal toys for both cats and dogs
  6. Microchip Readers to help us determine if animals found by our Inspectors or bought into the shelter are micro-chipped (and able to be reunited with their owner) ($330 each)
  7. Large crate for housing animals for fosterers and at offsite adoptions ($150) 
  8. Carry cages ($42 each)  For transporting animals safely to and from our Centre
  9. 1 large chest freezer for food storage
  10. Heat Pads for warming up birds and sick animals

If you would like to make a donation to help us purchase one of these items, just give us a call on 07 349 2955

Please make sure you state which item you are making a contribution for, thank you!