Our core purpose is to care for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals. Unfortunately we are not always in a position to accept healthy owned animals due to the need to use our resources dealing with emergency animal welfare issues.

We realise that making the decision to rehome your pet is an extremely tough  one and it may be for reasons out of your control i.e. financial or relocation.

To help us focus our time and resources on helping animals that need us the  most, we need the help of pet owners to explore all options to find a  new home for their pets. Below are some tips to help with that process:

First of all, make sure the information you display about your pet is as  descriptive as possible and you include his/her age, gender, whether they have  been desexed, breed and any health issues. Use a photograph that is as clear and  up to date as possible.

We would recommend you start the rehoming process as soon as possible once  you have decided you can no longer keep your pet.

Good Luck!

1.    Create a simple flyer
       Include a few great photos and the personality description. Include information about their age, sex and any special requirements. Include your contact details and how to enquire.

2.    Email the flyer to all your friends, family and work colleagues
       Ask for their help in finding a new home for your pet. They may know someone else who is looking for a pet. Ask them to send your email on to people they know.

3.    Ask friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours
      Maybe they'd like to adopt your pet?

4.    Post your flyer or some great photos and a personality description on Facebook or YouTube 
       Try other social media sites too. Ask your friends to share your post and spread the word. You may need to post several times over a period of time.

5.    Advertise your pet online on key websites such as: www.petsonthenet.co.nz or  www.trademe.co.nz

6.    Distribute flyers on notice boards
       Put your flyers up on local community, library notice boards, at work and ask local businesses and vets whether you can advertise your pet there.

7.    Print flyers and distribute in your neighbourhood
      Distribute these in mailboxes around your area.

8.    Put a listing in your local newspaper.

9.    If pure bred, check with the breeder or a Pure Bred Rescue club, they may be happy to take your pet.