Volunteering and Fostering

We rely not only on the generosity of the public for our income, but also the many volunteers that give us their precious time to help care for animals in need.

Volunteering for the Rotorua SPCA is a rewarding and enjoyable way to give back to your community.

We are always in need of more volunteers and listed here are just a few of the ways in which you can volunteer to help, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or fostering please contact us.


Shelter Volunteer
As a shelter volunteer you will be involved in an array of tasks to help care for the animals at Rotorua SPCA.  This could include feeding, cleaning out of cages and socialising of animals.

Fundraising Volunteer
Fundraising volunteers are called on to help us at our fundraising events.  These could be from fundraising drives in town to helping in our nationwide appeal or selling fundraising products at the market.

Cat Companion
Do you have ½ an hour to spare in your lunch break?  Why not give a bunch of friendly cats the pleasure of spending time with you at our cattery or kitten/young cat unit?  We always have many lovely cats and kittens at our shelter and they all adore attention.  While our shelter volunteers and staff are busy doing the necessaries, we need people with a short bit of time on their hands who can come and just be with our cats and kittens.  You don’t need to stay for a long time and there’s no cleaning or feeding involved, just the simple enjoyment of patting and talking to our friendly felines.


We often have animals that need a bit of extra care before they are able to be put up for adoption.  These might be orphan kittens, dogs, puppies or perhaps recuperating animals.  To be a foster for the Rotorua SPCA you need to be committed to the time it takes to care for the animal you are fostering.  We supply you with the necessary food, medicines etc.

Op Shop

Op Shop Volunteers help out in lots of ways, including working in the shop, sorting through pre-loved items, washing clothes, and mending items that need minor repairs. The Op Shop is open year round, and we welcome all enquiries and expressions of interest regarding this position.