• Volunteers
    Volunteering for the Rotorua SPCA is a rewarding and enjoyable way to give back to your community.

    Shelter volunteers will be involved in an array of tasks to help care for the animals..feeding, cleaning out of cages and socialising of animals.

    Fundraising volunteers are called on to help us at our fundraising events. These could be from fundraising drives in town to helping in our nationwide appeal or selling fundraising products at the market.
  • Fundraising
    Fundraising to feed our animals. You can help by organising a fund raising event involving your friends, family or wider social circle. Why not hold a sale of cakes at work, donate your birthday money to saving animals, donate clothes to the Opshop or even pre-loved household items. Everything welcome!
  • Spread the word
    Tell friends, family and colleagues about the SPCA and they maybe able to help too!
  • Fostering our Animals
    We have animals that need a bit of extra care before they are able to be put up for adoption. These might be orphan kittens, dogs, puppies or perhaps recuperating animals. You need to be committed to he time it takes to care for these animals.
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